Metallurgical Engineers and Testing Laboratory

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Weld Testing



We specialize in weld evaluation and qualification on both structural and piping welds. Welds are tested as per AWS D1.1, AWS B4.0, ASME IX, API 1104 and client specifications, where applicable. The following weld tests are available:


Weld Procedure and Welder Performance Qualification

  • Weld Tensile Test
  • Fillet Weld Test
  • Weld Bend Test
  • Nick Break Test
  • Charpy Impact Test of Weld / HAZ / Base Metal
  • Hardness Test of Weld / HAZ / Base Metal
  • Macro examination with digital image capture


Midwal Engineering shall establish at our client's request, a welding inspection policy, and preparation of welding Inspection and Test Plans and provision of certified Welding Inspectors.