Metallurgical Engineers and Testing Laboratory

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Mechanical Testing Nigeria


The following mechanical testing services are provided by Midwal Engineering:

  • Tensile Test in accordance with ASTM E8 and ASTM A370 standards, using an Instron 600kN (135,000 lbf) universal tensile machine.
  • Charpy Impact Test at ambient and sub-zero temperatures (up to -70oC), in accordance with ASTM E23 using an Instron 406J (300 ft-lbs) machine
  • Bend Test in accordance with ASTM E190, ASTM E290, AWS B4.0
  • Compression Test in accordance with ASTM E9


Using a Wilson-Wolpert 930N universal hardness tester, Midwal Engineering is able to conduct the following tests:

  • Brinell Test as per ASTM E10, ASTM A370
  • Rockwell Test as per ASTM E18, ASTM A370
  • Vickers Test as per ASTM E384