Metallurgical Engineers and Testing Laboratory

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Positive Materials Identification (PMI)

Midwal Engineering uses a portable XRF machine to confirm alloy composition of materials. We can test for various stainless steels, aluminum alloys and nickel alloys. Our PMI services cover the verification of in-coming materials and inventory, in-service applications and scrap metals sorting.


Failure Investigations

Through a combination of site visits and laboratory examinations, we will determine how and why a product, component, or structure has failed. We will analyze the consequences and costs of failures, and not only advise on repair or replace decisions, but also make recommendations to prevent the failure from reoccurring. 


Quality Assurance

Midwal Engineering will design Quality Assurance program that meets our client’s quality goals. From program planning and development through implementation and monitoring, we shall ensure of compliance to all your quality standards.

Our Quality Assurance services are:

Quality Assurance programs, manuals, plans and procedure development.

Interpretation of quality standard requirements i.e. non-conformance control, corrective and preventive measures and other quality related problem solving.

Internal and second party audits